Tuban Beach

TUBAN is a town in East Java, Indonesia, located in the seaside of Java sea. There is a beautiful beach in the north of town square called Boom Beach. (what a funny name!). This place is very strategic because located only 300 meters from the downtown.

Based on a history, Tuban used to be a major port in the 15th century in the Majapahit kingdom age. Even, in 1292 the Mongolian troops landed on this beach and attacked the East Java. In 1599, the Dutch trading ships led by Van Warwijck also anchored in this port. But, the glory of the port has passed. There is no relics left to show that the place was once a great port of its era.

Nowadays, this beach become a tourist spot with beautiful laid out gardens. Many visitors come to hang out, sit around, jogging or fishing.

The boats anchored on the beach with the dome of Tuban Great Mosque as a background

The fisherman

The hook and float

Fish container

The weeds

Going home



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