The Pearl of Semarang

At the roundabout of the monument of Tugu Muda, there is an old art deco-style building, looks sturdiness but exotic. It is located in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, Indonesia. The building is called Lawang Sewu that means the Thousand Doors because of the large number of doors. But the fact, the number of door is less than a thousand. The building has many height and width windows, so people often mistakenly think of them as the doors.

Lawang Sewu was build on 1904, used to be an office of the Dutch railway company (Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappi). It is a building with a mix of European style architectures in the local uniqueness. The front of the building is flanked by two loomed twin towers. Behind the two towers, there is a hallway with the lined of dozens of doors, and tall and big windows. A touch of unique architectural make this building looks elegant. The interiors were decorated with the mosaic glasses makes the building looks beautiful and amazing. Because of the grandeur and beauty of this building, it is no wonder that Lawang Sewu is called as the Pearl of Semarang.

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**This article has been posted here, in Bahasa Indonesia



  1. duuuh pengen banget ke semarang padahal ngesot nyampe loh *lebay* tapi beneran, belom pernah hahahahaha ngidam lumpia asli sonoh soalnya.


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