Makan Apa Anda Hari Ini?

di saat banyak orang yang berganti sepatu tiga kali sehari, atau belanja baju seperti membeli kacang; atau membuang makanan yang baru berapa suap ia makan, atau saling memamerkan perhiasan dan isi rumah mewah mereka, atau saling berlomba mendapatkan gadget terbaru….

…masih banyak orang yang bekerja hari ini supaya cukup makan hari ini

when many people change their shoes three times a day, or shopping for clothes just like buying beans, or discard food after only a few bribes they ate, or exhibiting jewelers and the contents of their lavish homes, or compete with other to get the latest gadgets ….

… there are still many people who work today in order to have enough to eat today




      1. Aslinya ya dek, duitnya gak ada segituuu!!! Hahaha… pengeluaran terbanyak untuk bayarin pasien anak, huhu, kalau udah lulus baru mikirin gadget, sekarang untuk berandai2 dulu, hahaha…


  1. I lost my appetite to eat…and I will fast for a week.. 😦

    it never occur to our concious mind how easy life has been to lucky we are..and how fortunate to have a decent meal everyday without even have to work hard for it..

    Your picture reveal the unbalance world..
    if everyone make an effort to see and feel it..they will definitely put aside a little for these people…

    * did the photographer buy lunch for them on that day.. πŸ˜‰


    1. oh sorry dear, I didn’t mean that.. 😦

      * ya, the truth is he bought some “gorengan” and hot sweet tea for them. Not the big money, but that’s the best he could do.. πŸ™‚


  2. Every Monday morning I teach something called, “Knowledge of the World” to the five and six year olds instead of English. You’ve just given me the perfect topic for tomorrow’s lesson! Thank you!


  3. saya makan nasi mas πŸ™‚

    hmmm memang miris dengan kenyataan ini ya mas, satu-satunya jalan ya cuma bersyukur dengan cara menggunakan dengan bijak uangmu

    bener ora mas ???


  4. A sad photo of how some people have to live in order to survive. Here in the US not many people think of how the rest of the world lives. Too much greed and the elite think nothing of the lower classes and it is the lower and middle class that made these individuals rich. Too much unfairness in evey country and in every society.

    Nice post. You should show more photos of how the poor live. Some here and there might help to make some changes. Who knows? Might be a good thing to do.


    1. I only have this one. Sometimes I feel don’t have a heart to shoot such moment like this.. It seems that I exploit their affliction just for my hobby…
      You know, I bought them some snacks in lieu of guilt


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