From Clay To Be Money

Kasongan is located in Bantul or about 6 kilometers south of Yogyakarta. Here, the pottery has become a common profession for generations until now. There is no valid data to show when the pottery activities began. However, based on the book “Disain Keramik Kasongan” (written by Ponimin), there was a man is called Kyai Song who was the pioneer of the Kasongan ceramics about 320 years ago.

Nowadays, Kasongan have moved into the center of pottery industry, which not only meet the domestic demand, but also exported to foreign countries. There have been emerged the business circles which are interdependent and need. There are clay suppliers, craftsmen, burn artisans, finishing artisans (paint, wrap) and even some are providing packing and courier services. Players from outside the region began arriving to enjoy this business. The emergence of investors, traders and brokers increasingly enliven the pottery business of Kasongan.

Down the street at Kasongan, dozens lined up on both sides of the large and small galleries. They offer huge urns which worth of thousands dollars to key chains, small vases or accessories as wedding souvenirs. Go to village alleys, we can see the process of making pottery, from forming, drying, and burning until final processing.

*All photos were taken using Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH1




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