mangan ra doyan
ra jenak dolan nèng omah bingung
aku trus kudu piye, bero?

[ Canon EOS 600D | f/7.1 | 1/200 sec. | IS0-200 | 135mm | crop ]



    1. I can’t agree more to this statement… has its end..where it started and where it ended…we just need to follow the flow and make it better…


  1. Hi Aan..
    it looks like the trees are all gonna die…why must make it complicated…just cut them off and they will make a good firewood for our camping… hehehe

    same goes to life..when things get complicated…solve it wisely or put an end if there’s no more hope…agree?


  2. katanya sih rintangan itu batu pijakan…kalau emang banyak ranting yg bercabang semwrawut yah seharusnya dipangkas sedikit demi sedikit biar sedikit longgar tapi terkadang ranting yg bercabang itu sebuah jawaban dari sejuta pertanyaan, tinggal kita nya akan memilih ranting yg mana yg terbaik dan memangkas rianting yg membuat kita terjebak….happy Wednesday om Sigoese πŸ™‚


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