Ngayogjazz 2012

Ngayogjazz is the social interaction event using jazz music as a media. Jazz as an open and flexible music can be appreciated by all walks of life and can blend into local cultural life. Therefore, Ngayogjazz eliminate as much as possible the distance between the players on stage with the audience, so it will actually materialize the interactions in the form of performance with the spontaneous appreciation. In this event, jazz music is also combined with the local community’s art music. This concept makes the Ngayogjazz become a unique jazz festival than ever.

Ngayogjazz festival was began in 2008 and held annually on the move in Yogyakarta. This year, this event was held at the Tourism Village of Brayut, Sleman.

The event took place at 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM. But, for some things, I went there around at 03.00 PM. Once there, the audience, including dozens of foreign tourists, thronged the six-stages there. The musicians took turns performing on stage. And during heavy rains, they kept perform as their respect to the audience who are willing to get wet.



      1. Tooss dulu daaah….:D

        Belum istirahat Beh? saya mah mau makan malam dulu , ntar mau cari2 yg serba Ijo..buat diposting, kritik dan saran emak nantikan..*kaya bahasa TV jaman rikiplik yah πŸ˜€


    1. bukan jakal sih… kalo dari monjali ke utara trus belok kiri… atau kalo dari jl. magelang, utara kantor pemda sleman ke timur.. Kalo tau Jejamuran, nha Brayut itu di timurnya… ini desa wisata.. apik tempatnya.. πŸ™‚


      1. misalnya yang ini kan ada 9 foto.. awalnya aku klik 1 file untuk headline foto.. udah kan.. trus.. bla.. bla.. bla.. setelah artikel selesai.. letakkan kursor di tempat kita mau naruh foto yang banyak itu.. trus select foto.. nah, pas milih foto yang biasanya cuma 1 file, kita select semuanya kecuali yang sudah kita upload tadi.. setelah itu kita pilih save all photos (nek ra kleru ya) trus pilih upload gallery.. tharaaa… jadi deh..

        wes, gek ndang mbayar.. πŸ˜€


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