Kereta Kangjeng Kyai Garudayaksa


Kereta Kangjeng Kyai Garudayaksa is the name of the royal carriage belongs to Yogyakarta palace. The carriage is drawn by eight horses. It was manufactured in Netherlands in 1867, as ordered by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VI. This is the greatness carriage that only used by Sultan HB VI to Sultan HB X (despite in reality Sultan HB IX and Sultan HB X have been using the car).

Since was made, the carriage was only used a few times, including the Kirab Jumenengan (royal coronation procession) of Sultan HB VIII in 1921, Sultan HB IX in 1940 and was last used at the coronation of HB X in 1989. Currently the carriage is stored at the carriages museum of Yogyakarta palace.




    1. Ini kereta yang khusus dipakai Sultan… Kalo yang dipakai kirab perkawinan kemarin namanya Kyai Jongwiyat…
      Kereta yang buat jenasah namanya Kyai Ratapralaya, tapi aku gak punya fotonya hehe.. 😀


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