Kereta Kyai Jongwiyat


Kereta Kyai Jongwiyat is the name for one of the carriage belongs to Yogyakarta palace. Its type is Vis-a-vis, that has no roof with four wheels, and drawn by four horses. At first, this carriage was a vehicle for commander first soldiers to inspect the forces. The carriage was made by M.L. Hermansen Co. The Hague, Netherlands as orders of Sultan Hamengkubuwon0 VII around 1880.

Kereta Kyai Jongwiyat was last used for bridal carnival of princess of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X on October 18, 2011. The first six pictures were photographed at the ceremony rehearsal of the bride carnival. While the rest were at the weddings.

You can see another picture of Kereta Kyai Jongwiyat here.



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