Broken Tiles


[ EOS 600D | f/5 | 1/60sec | ISO-100 | 47mm ]



  1. Excellent photo! Love it!! Years ago I took broken tiles from a kitchen and room I was renovating and made table art with them. Since then it has been given to someone else. This was a nice reminder of what we can do with materials that some would just throw out. Sustainability.., yet art.


      1. Old house and the one room that was the kitchen was very small and not up to date with broken tiles. Made it a hallway and a 2nd bathroom. The 2 rooms that were made into the kitchen in the front of the house were old and not to nice either with older broken tile and carpet. What a mess and what a job. When I was tearing down the one wall, it was such a eye opener!! Some of the tile in the front was able to be saved and because it was older it couldn’t be matched. So a design was made of gray, tan, and white with dark gray grout in the large kitchen! I love renovating…


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