Pets Market


Visiting the pets market always exciting. Not so far from my house, there is a pets market that has become an alternative tourist attractions for families. Seems like a small zoo. The kids able to see a variety of animals such as birds, chickens, cats, rabbits, and even some extreme animals like geckos.

Not only pets, some shops selling a variety of equipment such as cages, food’s containers and animal feed. There are some unique animal feed, such as Kroto. This is an egg of rangrang ant (big red ant) which is good food for birds. There is also a live caterpillar that stored in a piece of bamboo.



  1. Oh my heaven ❀ ! The pets market at your place is so nice ^ – ^ they even have gecko ?

    I am so in love with leopard gecko ,tokay gecko is quite aggressive to have as a pet, I even asked my dad if I could buy a singapore blue tarantula , but he said : remember that you are a lady, girl! – wondered if there was anything to do with my gender here !


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