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  1. Great photos!
    We have same thoughts, I think–when you want to look for oranges, just go to the post office, oranges all around!
    Ah, and thank you so much for including the ogoh-ogoh, because it reminds me that this year’s festival is less than two weeks, as the parade will be hold at exactly one day before Nyepi, which is March 20! :hehe.

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    1. You may try to find ddgmz wears adira uniform, Gara… the colour is orange, too.. πŸ˜€

      Happy to see you appreciate the ogoh-ogoh, even though it’s a bit blur.. Ah, Nyepi.. a few years ago my friends and I escaped from Bali the day before Nyepi. We were afraid that we would trapped in the hotel and could do nothing.. πŸ˜€

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      1. What is “ddgmz wears adira uniform”? Google seem can’t find it :hehe.
        Oh, what an experience! :hoho


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